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LIT - LITHIUM SERIES - 48VBack to series

Battery Model Voltage (V) Rated Capacity Connect in Parallel (Yes/No)
LIT10-48S 48V 10.00 N
LIT20-48S 48V 20.00 N
LIT30-48S 51.2V 30.00 Y
LIT40-48S 51.2V 40.00 Y
LIT50-48S 51.2V 50.00 Y
LIT50-48 48V 50.00 Y
LIT60-48S 51.2V 60.00 Y
LIT75-48S 48V 75.00 Y
LIT75-48 51.2V 75.00 Y
LIT80-48S 51.2V 80.00 Y
LIT100-48S 48V 100.00 Y
LIT100-48 48V 100.00 Y
LIT150-48S 48V 150.00 Y
LIT150-48 48V 150.00 Y
LIT200-48S 48V 200.00 Y
LIT200-48 48V 200.00 Y

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